Bit of Black Business – Sharpeye (2007)

Series: Bit of Black Business
Director: Aaron Fa’Aoso
Cinematoraphy: Eric Murray Lui
Production: Australia – Scarlett Pictures
Notes: premièred at the 8th Message Stick Indigenous Film Festival in Sydney in 2007.


Dancing in the Moonlight (1989)

Director: Trevor Graham
Production: Australia – Yarra Bank Films / Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Media Association
Notes: This film explores the Fifth Festival of Pacific Arts in Townsville in 1988. Eddie Mabo was heavily involved in this festival in his role as Community Arts Officer for the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Townsville.
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Double Wire Productions



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King of the Coral Sea (1954)

Director: Lee Robinson
Production: Australia – Southern International
Notes: The world première of this film was held on Thursday Island on the 17 July 1954. See Andrew Pike and Ross Cooper. 1980. Australian Film 1900-1977: A Guide to Feature Film Production. Melbourne: Oxford University Press. No. 338, p. 217.
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